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Web Links

These websites represent a wide range of interests from the mundane to the offbeat.   Some contain information related to health, medicine, and scienceOthers are fun and entertaining.  Some will make you laugh; many will make you think.

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The following are links to articles on a variety of topics.

"Power Under Soft Hands",
PUSH Muscle Therapy for Chronic Pain by Shirley Vanderbilt
Massage & Bodywork, October/November 2006

"Therapist may take your pain away"
Story about Foster Muscle Therapy
Greeley Tribune, March 4, 2007

Another form of massage therapy by Darrin Eisman
Rocky Mountain Sports, August 2006

"Tai chi: Stress reduction, balance, agility and more"
Mayo clinic article, December 2005.


BODYWORK etc Brochure
Printable 3-Panel Brochure with Map

Questions and Answers about PUSH TherapySM
Printable 3-Panel PUSH Q & A


The following are a select group of businesses that have long-standing relationships with Bodywork etc.  We recognize their knowledge and talents and recommend them to our clients. 

Foster Muscle Therapy
Northern Colorado's Premier Home of PUSHSM

Carol Sass Tuttle
Watercolor and Portrait Artist

Health, Medicine, and Science

The following links to websites whose primary topics are health, medicine, and science.

Live Science
Topics of Space, Animals, Health, Environment, Technology and History. Easy to Navigate. Contains images and video. .

Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment & Technology
scientific breakthroughs from universities and research institutions on topics such as science and technology, health, and the environment.


The following are links to websites with a wide range of topics.

Get the Skinny on that Zip
Demographic information from U.S. Census data. Compare by zip code.

Julian Beever Art
Beever is an English artist who creates collages and works in chalk and oil.  Be sure to view his amazing and unique anamorphic illusion (3D) pavement art.

77 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
Plenty of visual candy for all audiences. Warning: could be addictive and disconcerting.

The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

The Internet Movie Database
Movie plot summaries, actors biographies.



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