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PUSH Specialized Therapy

PUSHSM Specialized Muscle Therapy

PUSH Specialized Muscle Therapy

Why we are are so Passionate about PUSH® Therapy . . .
  • Wave of the Future
    Most advanced therapy program available today
  • Evolutionary
    Provides the tools to move beyond pain management to pain elimination
  • Innovative
    Unique methods of assessment, treatment, and re-education
  • Functional
    Facilitates development of core strength without tension
  • Results-Oriented
    Comprehensive program produces long term results

PUSH Therapy provides a systematic method for finding the source of your soft tissue pain. Once the cause of a problem is identified, a personalized treatment plan is created. Along with treatment, you learn to re-educate and strengthen your core muscles. The result is power over your own pain!

The PUSH Therapy SystemSM is equally effective in preventing injury, improving sports performance, and enhancing overall well-being. Because it can reinstate sound body mechanics, it is valuable for a wide range of clients.

This unique program was developed by Takatsuno Therapies and is based on the principles of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and Tai Chi Ch'uan. It provides the tools to locate and treat the source of Chronic Passive TensionSM (CPT), which is often overlooked as a cause of soft tissue pain. Specific systematic techniques are applied to relieve CPT and restore function. Healing that begins with treatment is accelerated with self care and movements based on your daily activites. The end result is freedom from chronic pain.

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'PUSH Therapy Questions and Answers'  3-panel printable brochure.

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